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For a comfortable game on our server you need to download the Client + Patch!

Opening of Epoch Middle! February 2 at 20:00 +2 GMT
Vivid battles, unforgettable emotions and interesting content - all this we have prepared for you, dear Players! Thanks to everyone who is with us!
Mega XDrive 02.02.24

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Bonus starts

An elite pen for writing - 50,000 pcs. Experience Potions - 10 pieces Elite Weapon Set "Personal"
Epik Armor Ticket, Salary - 10000 pcs. Chest with cards - 10 pcs

Server opening 02.02.2024 20.00 MSK

Epoch Middle server opening

Friends, we welcome you to the new server Epoch MeddLe. 

The main feature of our server is new content (New professions, Siege outposts, quests, achievement system, auto farming, new armor, forge, resource extraction and much more.

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Beginners guide here

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