Basic information about the XDrive server

Basic information about the XDrive server

  • Interlude MOD Server Chronicles
  • The entire concept is in-house design.
  • Your character starts at level 1 in the capital.

Game Process

  • 6 types of equipment (BA-EX-EL-MA-GM)
  • 50+ mascots, masks, bracelets, bags.
  • Maximum sharpening +30, Safe +7, 75% chance.
  • Automatic Event Team vs Team.
  • Properties can be inserted into any part of the armor/bijouterie/weapon.
  • On the server there is no "PK" status the PK counter is removed, instead of it the counter is Dead.
  • A variety of server currencies.
  • Sieges of outposts every day from 10.00 to 23.00 resist capture 4 hours.
  • New professions, skills, achievements and pvp ranks.
  • Clan Skills with new stats.
  • More than 100 achievements.
  • More than 70 new professions.


  • The inventory is maximized for player comfort.
  • Absolutely any slot is involved to enhance your character.

NPC and Zones:

  • Convenient npts (GC, Buffer at one npts).
  • Large ALT+B functionality.
  • Multiple teleport points on each level of the farm zone.
  • Many new, unique Raid-Bosses.